30+The Best Soft Dread Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you have a round face shape, you may have spent hours feeling frustrated with the lack of options when it comes to styling your hair. Your round face shape can make it difficult to find hairstyles that flatter your unique features. Luckily, soft dread hairstyles are a great way to create beautiful, eye-catching looks that suit any face shape.

In this blog post, you will find 20 soft dread hairstyles and ideas for round faces. From messy buns to elegant curls and swept-up styles, these looks will provide you with plenty of inspiration on how to style your hair and embrace your round face. Not only are these hairstyles stylish, but they are all easy to recreate and will last all day. With these 20 soft dread hairstyle for round faces ideas, you can look and feel your best whenever you want!

1. Twisted Top Knot

One unique and stylish look that works well with round faces is the Twisted Top Knot. This look is created by gathering your hair into a high ponytail, then twisting it and wrapping it around the base of your ponytail. Secure the twisted knot with bobby pins, and you’ll have a neat and stylish updo that will frame your face perfectly. It’s a great hairstyle for any round-faced woman looking for a contemporary and professional look.

2. Visible Part

The second essential part of creating professional-looking soft dread hairstyles for round faces is the visible part. This will create definition and structure to the cut, as well as accentuate your facial features. The part should be positioned in the center of the forehead, with the hairline and part line even. The part should then be styled to the left or right depending on personal preference. Make sure to use a tooth comb to create the perfect part line and maintain it throughout the day.

3. Pull Through Braid

For those looking to sport a style that’s more relaxed and less polished, the Pull Through Braid is the perfect option. This hairstyle gives off an effortlessly cool vibe and pairs perfectly with round faces. To recreate this look, create a deep side part and start braiding from the top near the part. As you braid, pull small sections of hair from each side to combine with the braid. When you reach the end, secure the braid with an elastic. Add a touch of hairspray for added hold and you’re all set!

4. Natural Curls Natural Curls:

Natural curls are a great way to bring out the roundness in a face, as their bouncy and voluminous nature adds a ton of texture and shape. However, make sure to keep your curls tight and elongated, as too much fluff will only make your face appear more round. Also, try to avoid too much product on your curls, as this will weigh them down and make them look flat.

5. Rope Braid

The rope braid is one of the classic Hairstyle Ideas for round faces. This style is great for those with medium to long hair, as it can be created around the face, framing it with a beautiful braid. To create this look, start by brushing your hair, then separate the hair into two even sections.

Begin braiding by taking a small section of hair from the left side and crossing it over to the right side. Repeat this process until you reach the end, then tie the braid off with an elastic band. This hairstyle is perfect for a day out or a special occasion, as it looks both professional and stylish.

6. Half Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is a classic look that adds style and sophistication to any round face. This look can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for the office or a night out. To achieve the half up half down look, gather the top half of your hair and tie it into a low ponytail or bun. Leave the bottom half of your hair down and add a few soft curls for added texture and movement. You can also accessorize with a headband or a few bobby pins for an extra touch of glamour.

7. Headband Braid

A headband braid is one of the simplest yet most effective soft dread hairstyles for round faces. It is a classic style with the braid being used to create the effect of a headband. To create this style, start by separating a small section at the front of your head and tie the end with an elastic band.

Then, take the rest of your hair and either twist or braid it and tie the end with another elastic band. Finally, wrap the braid around the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins. This style is perfect for any occasion and adds an effortless, yet sophisticated look to your face.

8. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail: A sleek ponytail is a classic and timeless hairstyle that looks great on round faces. It’s easy to do and requires minimal effort. For a more stylish look, you can add a few wisps of hair around the face and use gel to give the ponytail a sleek and polished finish. This look is great for both casual and professional settings, and is sure to make a statement.

9. Side Bangs

Side bangs, or side-swept bangs, are an easy way to add a bit of drama and flair to a classic hairstyle. This style is great for those with round faces, as it can help to draw attention away from the face’s circumference and create more length. To achieve this style, part your hair to the side, then comb your bangs across your forehead and away from your face. This look adds a bit of volume and dimension, while also helping to frame your face in a flattering way.

10. Boho Waves

Boho Waves – Often referred to as “urban beach waves,” this soft dread hairstyle can be achieved with a set of dreadlocks and some styling. The locks should be only of medium length, and the styling should be loose and feathered to create a soft, romantic look. This style is perfect for those with round faces, as it adds natural texture and movement to the face while still keeping a flattering shape.

In conclusion, soft dread hairstyles for round faces are a great choice for anyone looking for an edgy and stylish look. They can be tailored to any face shape, and with the right styling techniques, they can be both beautiful and functional. There are plenty of options out there, so it’s easy to find the perfect style for you. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and explore your options – you may just find yourself a new signature look!

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